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Orchard Park in Cambridge - A Successful Project Completion!

Updated: Mar 8


Bambridge Lee Group was lucky enough to work on this project along side The Hills Group. As the electrical contractors we carried out the full electrical installation of two apartment blocks, external spaces and adjacent coach houses consisting of 71 apartment and 4 coach houses.

Works included:

  • Electrical Installation

  • Lighting

  • External Lighting

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Alarm

  • Access Control

  • IRS

  • BMS

Planning and Coordination:

The foundation of any successful project lies in meticulous planning and coordination. For our electrical installation works, this meant collaborating closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure seamless integration of the electrical systems into the overall construction plan. Detailed drawings were created, taking into account the specific needs of each apartment unit, common areas, and external spaces.

Safety First:

One cannot overstate the importance of safety in electrical installation works. We held health and safety talks weekly with the team, Emphasizing the adherence to industry standards and regulations. Regular safety audits ensured that everyone was working in a secure environment.

Milestones and Challenges:

As we progressed through the project, reaching significant milestones brought a sense of accomplishment. The installation of the main electrical panels, wiring of individual units, and setting up common areas marked major achievements. However, challenges were inevitable. Adapting to unforeseen circumstances, such as unexpected structural issues and changes in design plans, required agile problem-solving and effective communication between all.


This project was a pleasure to be apart of and will look forward to continue to work along side Hills to bring new affordable homes around East Anglia.

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