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Warden Call

We are proud to be established as an accredited installer of Tynetec products, providing support solutions for assisted living and healthcare. 


We provide a 24/7 call-out facility for the installation, maintenance and repair of warden-call systems to aid in assisted living for vulnerable persons.  Our clients include a number of large housing associations and care providers.

Our highly skilled are also trained in the maintenance of Tunstall warden call systems.

Legacy Systems

One of our main specialisms is the maintenance and repair of legacy systems. If you have been told that you need to replace your legacy Tunstall of Tynetec system, it is always worth a second opinion from us as we have saved customers 10’s of thousands of pounds by repairing what are often simple failed components such as power supplies.


Bambridge Lee are experienced installers of several types and manufacturers of warden call telephone system.


IP DECT systems are the most common method for new Warden Call systems, of which we install, maintain and repair Spectralink and Ascom systems, whether new or legacy. We can also provide you with ingenious long range telephones if you still have these handsets on site and upgrades aren’t viable.

Linked Smoke Detection

As a BAFE accredited company, Bambridge Lee are optimally positioned to advise, install, maintain or repair you slinked smoke detection. Whether that is Aico, 3rd party, Tynetec or Tunstall specific detection, we can provide support and components to keep you running or improve your detection to meet the new legislation.


This also goes for interfacing into other systems, such as fire systems, BMS, Lifts, 3rd party equipment, etc.


Our wide range of expertise across multiple disciplines and our multi-skilled workforce sets us apart from our competitors.

Tell us about your project today.

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